​WISA veneer and plywood components - perfect partners in parquet  

WISA's parquet business is based on long-term co-operation, product development and innovations together with leading parquet manufacturers. For this reason WISA parquet components are optimised in thickness, stability, size and moisture content.

WISA products are used in both two- and three-layer parquets. In addition, customised plywood components are also an integral part of our product portfolio for the parquet industry.

Recommended products for back face veneer

WISA-Parquet Veneer

Rotary-cut veneer is peeled from long grown spruce logs and this gives a good balance for three-layer parquet construction. It stabilises the structure of parquet and helps to keep the board straight and even.  

Recommended products for core material

WISA-Parquet BirchWISA-Parquet Spruce

WISA plywood is optimised in thickness, size and moisture content as the supporting structure of the parquet.  

Recommended products for end reinforcing

WISA-Parquet Birch

We deliver tailor-made plywood components for parquet end pieces. WISA-Parquet Spruce reinforces the mechanical locking system.