Frequently asked questions

Can I tile on top of phenolic film faced plywood?

We do not recommend you do that. We cannot guarantee the tiles will last on the smooth and slippery surface of phenolic film faced plywood.

How should I store the panels?

The panels should always be stored on a flat and even base under a roof. Stable moisture and temperature conditions are best for keeping plywood in good shape.

Note that if the strapping is removed the pallets should not be moved using mechanical equipment as the panels, especially any overlaid panels, are slippery.

Do changes in temperature have any effect on panel sizes?

When using plywood panels, always take into account dimensional changes caused by variations in the moisture content of the wood. Before installation or surface treatment, plywood should be conditioned for 3-8 days in moisture conditions equivalent to the installation location.

During installation remember to leave 1 mm expansion gaps between panels because the panels can undergo dimensional changes due to changes in the air humidity.

I have some left over pieces of plywood and used panels, how should I dispose of them?

The most recommended way to dispose of plywood is to find a new end use for it.

Plywood has a good fuel value and can be utilised as energy. All uncoated plywood panels and plywood panels coated with phenolic film can be burned in power plants with suitable conditions, where, for example, the temperature is high enough (minimum 850°C).


Which WISA plywood is suitable for exterior cladding?

Paintable WISA-Paintply  and WISA-Paintply Birch are both suitable for exterior cladding.

How do I paint WISA-Paintply plywood used in exterior cladding?

Plywood is painted once with wash-primer and twice with top paint. You can paint plywood with standard outdoor paints suited for wooden surfaces. Remember always to paint carefully the edges of plywood panels.

How should I cover the edges of a plywood panel sawn at a building site?

The sawn edges should be painted at least two or three times with outdoor paints suited for wooden surfaces. Use the paint generously and let it impregnate properly and dry between coats.

Can I paint phenolic film faced plywood?

We do not recommend this as it requires special paints and even then we cannot guarantee the paint will last.

What kinds of tools are required to work the plywood panels?

In general, ordinary wood working tools are sufficient.

What is DoP?

DoP is an abbreviation of Declaration of Performance. DoP states product properties and performance according to the European Union Construction Product Regulation which became effective in July 2013. According to the regulation all construction products sold in EU countries and which remain permanently in the construction must be CE marked in accordance with the regulation. These CE marked products must also have Declaration of Performance easily available for consumers. UPM's plywood products' DoPs are all available on our website,