WISA-Form Maxi Birch


WISA-Form Maxi Birch is the perfect choice when producing large seamless concrete surfaces. The product combines the key features of WISA-Form Birch with the extensive maxi size range making the panel a natural choice when designing special projects. A maxi sized panel can also be a time saving factor both in frame system manufacturing and in special custom build forms.


  • Excellent strength/weight ratio
  • Sound face for smooth surface
  • Good striking properties
  • Wide size range up to 12300 x 2700 mm
  • Possibility to customise according to your needs


  • Vertical formwork
  • Special formwork
  • Frame formwork systems


Weather resistant gluing according to EN 314-2/class 3.

Surface and edges

WISA-Form Maxi Birch has a coating weight for both sides is approx. 220 g/m2.
WISA-Form Super Maxi Birch has a coating weight for face 540 g/m2 and
reverse side 220 g/m2.
Face and reverse: Dark brown phenolic film.
Edge protection: Water resistant paint.
Only the top side can be used for concrete shuttering.


Edge and CNC machinings are available at request.

Thickness and weight

Nominal thickness (mm)Number of plies​Min. thickness (mm)Max. thickness (mm)Weight (kg/m2)
(MC 10%)

Moisture content: 10 ±2 %