WISA-Paintply Birch


WISA-Paintply Birch is a birch plywod panel with a ready-to-paint surface. The outstanding properties of birch plywood combined with non-cracking paintable overlay add up to create an ideal material for visually demanding end uses.

WISA-Paintply Birch is also available in maxi size: 12300 x 2500 mm.


  • Ready-to-paint surface
  • Light weight
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy to work with


  • Structural and visual end-uses, both indoors and outdoors
  • Indoor cladding
  • Shop fitting
  • Traffic signs


Weather resistant gluing according to EN 314-2/class 3.

Surface and edges

Face: Phenolic impregnated paper overlay suitable for painting.
Reverse: Same as face or dark brown phenolic film moisture barrier.
Edge sealing: No edge sealing. 

Panel size

Standard panel sizes: 1220/1250/1500/1525 x 2440/2500/3000/3050 mm
Other sizes up to 1525 x 3660 mm on request

Size tolerances: standard and maxi sizes
< 1000 mm

+/- 1 mm
​1000–2000 mm​+/- 2 mm
​2000–3660 mm​+/- 3 mm
Size tolerance for other dimensions/cut-to-sizes
+/- 1 mm
Squareness tolerance​+/- 1 mm

Standard thicknesses and weights

Nominal thickness (mm) ​Min. thickness (mm)Max. thickness (mm)Weight (kg/m2) abt.

 Sizes and thicknesses relating to moisture content 8–12%.