UPM Chudovo Plywood Mill


UPM-Kymmene Chudovo Llc
Derzhavin Street
174210 Chudovo

Mail address

UPM-Kymmene Chudovo Llc
P.O. Box 80
FI-53501 Lappeenranta
(N.B. Letters only)

Phone numbers

Tel. +7 812 326 8494
Fax. +7 812 326 8490



UPM Chudovo Mills consists of both a plywood and veneer mill. Chudovo is situated in the Novgorod Region in Russia, approx. 120 km south of St Petersburg.



Production capacity

155,000 m3 plywood and veneer


Plywood for building, furniture industry, interior lining, transportation and construction industry


1988 ZAO Chudovo-RWS was established as a joint company by Soviet company Novgorodlesprom and Finnish companies Raute and Schauman Wood (one of UPM's predecessor companies)

1990 Plywood production started

2002 Raute sold its shares to Schauman Wood (Schauman Wood owns 60% of the mill)2003 A new production line was built for rotary cut veneer manufacturing

2004 UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy is established

2005 UPM acquires the 40 % minority shareholding from the shareholders of UPM's Russian partner Novgorodlesprom. UPM becomes owner of ZAO Chudovo-RWS

2006 Name changes into UPM, Chudovo Mills

2006 New rotary cutting and drying line installed

2008 Celebrates its first million cubic metres

2018 Celebrates its two million cubic metres

2019 Mill expansion investment is estimated to be completed. The project consists of new plywood production lines including all machinery needed for veneer and plywood manufacturing. Also a new bio heat boiler is built at site.