No more hiding under the covers

The new WISA-SpruceWR is an innovative plywood that has what it takes to withstand changing conditions at construction site. It saves time, money and additional trouble when you don't have to worry about every rain drop - making your project more efficient and profitable.


Transform time-consuming covering into productive work-time

Untreated standard plywood panels are vulnerable to harsh conditions.

Plenty of valuable working time at the construction site can be spent on covering them up at the end of the day, and on removing the covers in the morning.

Furthermore, moisture makes the panels tougher to handle and install, and if they don’t have enough time to dry before construction is finished severe problems can be expected in the future.

The new WISA-SpruceWR frees you from all that hassle, improving productivity and helping the project stay on schedule.


A layer that breathes freely

The new WISA-SpruceWR is treated with wood-based layer, protecting it from rain.


How does it work?

The secret ingredient in the new WISA-SpruceWR is an environmentally friendly, wood-based agent that creates a hydrophobic layer to the surface to slow moisture penetration into the structure. At the same time, the layer allows the panel to breathe and water vapour to move freely. The layer inhibits the absorption of water – yet allowing the wood to dry after rain.


Answering the needs of growing timber construction industry


More out of wood

Wood’s popularity as building material increases. The construction season is spreading, already covering the entire year. Strict schedules have no room for waiting periods caused by rain.

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Same WISA-Spruce, different clothes

WISA-SpruceWR has the same top-notch quality features as the standard version - it is even available in the same thicknesses. The only difference is the added ability to repel water.

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The long-awaited addition to the family

We have developed WISA-SpruceWR in close cooperation with building professionals to ensure the best possible quality. Now, WISA is able to answer all your plywood needs!

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