WISA-Form BirchMBT

WISA-Form BirchMBT is a coated plywood panel with new Moisture Barrier Technology (MBT) for use in concrete formwork. MBT controls the face veneer’s moisture movement - minimising ripple on the panel surface. This enables an even smoother end result without compromising the number of reuses. The birch base panel is strong and the coating on both sides and sealed edges protect the panel from harsh weather conditions, prolonging the panel’s service life


  • Minimised ripple on panel surface, minimizing any ripple on concrete surface
  • Excellent strenght /weight ratio
  • Long lasting, with proper care average 20 - 80 reuses


  • System formwork
  • Loose panel concrete forming 


Weather resistant glueing according to EN 314-2/class 3

Surface and edges

Face: 220 g/m2 phenolic film with moisture barrier technology
Reverse: 220 g/m2 dark brown phenolic film
Edge sealing: Water resistant paint

Panel sizes

1220/1250 x 2440/2500 mm 

Cut sizes at customer’s request
Size tolerance (length/width) ±1mm per metre
Squareness tolerance ±1mm per metre length of diagonal

Constructions and thicknesses

thickness (mm)
Number of plies Thickness(mm)   Weight kg/m2
    min. - max.
15 11 14.3 − 15.3 10.5
18 13 17.1 − 18.1 12.6
21 15 20.0 − 20.9 14.7

 Moisture content 8 - 12 %