UPM´s WISA plywood products deliver responsibility to customers.

We lead our industry in the area of responsibility

For our people and businesses, responsibility is a solid part of what we do.
It is present on many levels and in various contexts.

You can rest assured that we deliver responsibility in all our products and operations.


Responsible business partner

We make efficiency easy for our customers by offering high-quality products and services, efficiently and on time.

As our customers’ need change, we adapt. We support our customers in growing their businesses, lowering operational risks and total costs, and improving capital utilization.


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Responsible wood material

Wood is the primary building block of plywood. It is also the ultimate natural biomaterial.

All the wood we use are from responsibly managed forests.  For every tree we use, we plant four new tree seedlings for future generations.


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Responsibility for environmental performance

Producing more with less wood and energy is good for the environment. Improving energy and material efficiency reduces production costs and gives us a competitive advantage.

Our production is a solid part of our environmental performance and we set our standards high.


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Responsibility for the society

For us, responsibility also means looking after our employees and the communities we operate in.

We provide a safe, inspiring workplace for our employees and are active in our communities.


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Responsibility delivered to our customers

Through our products and services, we deliver responsibility to our customers.

Our products are sustainable, durable, safe and carry third-party certifications. With WISA Plywood products, our customers can use renewable materials without sacrificing performance.


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Innovating a responsible future beyond fossils

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and performance. We deliver these benefits forward to our customers and help them embed responsibility into their end products.

For example, we develop new kind of adhesives that use lignin, wood’s natural glue, to replace oil-based chemicals.


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Responsibility Made Easy