WISA-TopGrip is a solid birch plywood panel with high-friction coating, enabling safe and efficient loading for trailers. The 2nd generation WISA-TopGrip panels are manufactured in an automated process, which guarantees constant product properties and quality. The friction properties have improved by 25% in comparison to the 1st generation WISA-TopGrip, and regular, even coating thickness ensures that the trailer floor is smooth and consistent. WISA-TopGrip eliminates the need of separate, disposable friction mats *; high friction flooring is more sustainable for the environment and it saves money.


  • Flooring panel with high-friction coating
  • Wear resistant
  • Strong and durable


  • Vehicle flooring
  • Flooring applications where high-friction property is essential


Weather resistant glueing according to EN 314-2/class 3 exterior, EN 636-3.

Surface and edges

Surface: 2 mm high-friction black PU based coating
Reverse: Dark brown phenolic film as a moisture barrier
Edge protection: Aceryl-based paint

Panel size

1220 x 2440 mm
1250 x 2500 mm
1500 x 2500 mm
1525 x 3050 mm
The largest size 1525 x 3600 mm
Other sizes on request.

Size tolerances
< 1000 mm ±1 mm
1000 - 2000 mm ±2 mm
> 2000 mm ±3 mm

Squareness tolerance
±1 mm/1000 mm

Thicknesses and weights

Moisture content 8 - 12%.

*) Use of high-friction flooring/friction mats does not eliminate the need to secure the cargo properly. National requirements should always be followed.