Safety and cost-savings

WISA®-TopGrip is a solid birch plywood with an integrated high friction coating. A sustainable choice which increases safety and cost savings for the entire trailer lifespan.




For trailer manufacturer

With the integrated high-friction coating, you don’t have to invest in in-house coating processes to offer a safe and convenient trailer floor. Easy to install, WISA-TopGrip creates an even finish for ultimate reliability. More friction equals more value with WISA-TopGrip.

For logistics company

Loading and unloading a trailer equipped with WISA-TopGrip is faster and safer. Thanks to the integrated high-friction coating, you don’t need to place friction mats under the cargo to ensure road safety – and the trailer is back on the road quicker!


How much does it save for you? Do the math!

Labour and Material Costs Friction mats WISA®-TopGrip
Trailer lifecycle (years) 5
Loadings per week 2
Average loading time (min) 15
Number of persons involved 1
Man working hour cost (€/h) 30
Number of friction mats / loading 0
Purchase price of friction mat (€) 0
Total material costs/week 54 € 15 €
Total savings savings
Per loading 20 €
Per week 39 €
Per month 158 €
Per year 1,891 €
Per lifetime 9,456 €

The above calculator is based on the following parameters: 5 working days per week, 4 weeks per month and 12 months per year.

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