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Growing tall together in the packaging industry

Vesa Brandt

Editor, Tulus

Chespa, a leading supplier of tools and technologies for the packaging industry, has cultivated a robust partnership with UPM Plywood. This collaboration enables Chespa to craft specialised tools that meet the demanding quality standards of high-speed packaging manufacturing.

Based in Chorula Poland, Chespa supplies printing inks, photopolymer plates, dieforms and graphic services to packaging producers. The company´s wide range of products makes them a comprehensive supplier for producers packaging made from paper, cardboard, foil, tissue, and other materials. 

“We focus on long-term and perspective cooperation with suppliers where consistent quality, competitive pricing, production capacity and delivery reliability are key factors,” says Roman Radomski, Die Cutting Managing Director at Chespa. 

"The quality and stability of deliveries are very important to us. We have been cooperating with UPM Plywood for several years and our partner has proven to meet our requirements in this area," Radomski explains. 

The critical role of quality plywood

Plywood is essential for producing the dieforms that Chespa supplies. It provides a durable base that is laser-cut or mechanically processed to create a foundation for mounting steel, rubber, and other components. Consistent plywood quality ensures the die cutting tools withstand high-speed packaging machinery over years of use. 

"The quality of the plywood is crucial. Its homogeneity affects the laser cutting parameters, and thus the quality of die cutting tools that are made of it," says Radomski.  

The uniform thickness and consistent quality of UPM’s WISA-PremiumCut Clear plywood facilitate efficient laser cutting when producing die cutting tools. This enables Chespa to meet strict safety standards in die cutting tool production and achieve maximum durability for customers.  

"Only the best plywood can meet this requirement," Radomski emphasises. 


Weathering global disruptions

Despite global supply chain disruptions over the past two years, UPM Plywood has maintained availability and quality for Chespa without interruption. Furthermore, UPM's commitment to sustainable forestry and manufacturing aligns with Chespa's corporate values.  

Although Chespa works with multiple suppliers, the reliability, quality and production capacity of UPM Plywood has made them the primary choice.  

“UPM Plywood fulfils our requirements for a stable and proven supplier. I think that cooperation and mutual trust are beneficial for both parties and will pay off also in the future.” 

Future growth powered by partnership 

As Chespa continues expanding, Radomski sees many upcoming initiatives where UPM Plywood will be crucial. This collaboration enables Chespa to develop innovative products and serve more packaging customers with speed and scale. 

"Chespa is a dynamic company that strongly and successfully develops its business. For this, it needs a stable and proven supplier. UPM Plywood fulfils those conditions," Radomski concludes. 


WISA-PremiumCut and WISA-PremiumCut Clear

  • High performance plywood panels specifically designed to meet the needs of the die-cutting industry.
  • The plywood is manufactured using a clear glue that allows it to be laser cut.
  • Homogeneous structure with minimised moisture movement and strict thickness tolerances enable accuracy in die cutting.
  • Strong birch plywood ensures good durability for a long service life.
  • WISA-PremiumCut Clear comes with a lacquered clear surface that offers a smart looking, hygienic and easy-to-clean base for gluing rubbers.
  • Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses with the possibility to customise according to your needs.
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