CE mark DoP documents

​Use this page to search for CE mark Declaration of Performance (DoP) documents for WISA


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Searching for the DoP number returns the list of corresponding DoP documents. The documents are available in PDF format. In addition to the DoP number, the document filename contains a date or a date range and a language code in ISO format.

A single date (e.g. 2013-07-01) states the date when the document has become effective. A date range (e.g. 2013-07-01--2013-12-31) states the date range during which the document was effective.

Old DoP documents for discontinued and expired product specifications are available for 10 years after the expiration.

Quick and easy access to the current DoP documents in all available languages, go to DoP Reference list.

Where to find the DoP code?

All WISA plywood products carrying the CE mark have the corresponding DoP number in the panel or pallet CE marking. The DoP can also be found on the invoice. The DoP number starts with letters "UPM" followed by a three digit number and letters "CPR" (e.g. UPM001CPR). 

CE.jpgCE marking on WISA panel, DoP circled.

Factory production control certificates



Type DoP number to search field (e.g. UPM004CPR)