UPM remodels the uncoated WISA birch plywood range

17.7.2018 13:46 EEST

The uncoated WISA birch plywood range will be updated and at the same time a new WISA-Birch Special will be introduced. Instead of two products, we now offer three products that differ only in the surface veneer grade - the core of all the products is the same familiar and strong birch plywood panel.

The remodeling aims to clarify the uncoated WISA birch range as customers no longer need to know and define all the different surface grades when buying or ordering. In general, it can be simplified as one product for one application: WISA-Premium for lacquering, WISA-Birch Special for high quality painting and WISA-Birch for upholstered and technical applications.

WISA-Birch Premium

Aesthetically pleasing plywood. UPM’s finest quality face grade – perfect for visually demanding applications such as furniture and interior linings, recommended for lacquering.

WISA-Birch Special

Smooth surface for high quality painting. An optimal base for various overlaying methods in demanding construction and furniture applications.


Multi-purpose high quality panel for various applications where excellent strength and stability are essential. An optimal base for structures that require robust construction. 

For detailed information, please check the product fact sheets and download a brand new guide to WISA birch plywood surface appearances.