WISA-Parquet Veneer

WISA-Parquet Veneer is a quality component used as base veneer for three-layer parquets. Rotary-cut veneer is peeled from long grown spruce logs and gives a good balance for three-layer parquet construction. Veneers are cut according to the customer’s specifications.


  • Customer tailored specifications
  • Stable moisture content
  • Small thickness tolerances
  • High quality spruce (Picea Abies) raw material


  • Three-layer parquet


Standard parquet quality
Sound knots allowed
Open knot diameter max. 40 mm
Split length max. 500 mm and width max. 10 mm

Panel size

Veneers are cut according to customer specifications. Lengths are possible up to 2540 mm
and widths up to 1350 mm. Minimum size is 1200 x 100 mm

Tolerances and thicknesses

2.0 mm thick veneer as standard.