Fire retardant, sustainable, functional

WISA-SpruceFR is our new fire retardant plywood. It comes with the highest fire classification possible for wood based material and it’s a sustainable and functional choice. It offers the technical performance of our existing plywood enhanced with a fire retardant treatment.


For builders

WISA-SpruceFR saves material costs, installation time and storage. Moreover, the time-consuming approval processes can be simplified. It offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional, complex and time consuming multilayer solutions. Storing, handling and installing a single product instead of several materials is naturally quicker and easier. 





For architects & engineers

Our new plywood offers a fire retardant cost competitive, simple, sustainable and safe to use plywood panel. It allows a smoother and simpler design process with less bureaucracy in the approval processes. One structural element is all that’s needed to cover the fire safety requirements. The reliable, strong building material fulfills the B-s1,d0 and Bfl-s1 fire classification and at the same time has full structural performance.




For distributors

The distributor can now offer an all-in-one structural product that is easy to sell: It has the required strength, environmental certification and the required fire classification. WISA-SpruceFR also covers environmental criteria and conforms to CE-markings.






Saves in many ways.

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