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Spruce plywood excels in structural construction uses, such as floors, walls and roofs. It is light in weight but strong and does not break easily. The closed wood structure of spruce makes it biologically durable: it withstands changing weather conditions on construction sites and in packaging applications.

All WISA-Spruce plywood is always one and the same wood from top to bottom. This ensures high quality and reliable performance.

All WISA® plywood is made of wood raw material from responsibly managed forests. It is a renewable, sustainable and safe building material that helps reduce the carbon footprint of your project.

The proportion of bonding resin in WISA plywood is less than 3%, resulting in a high proportion of renewable and carbon-storing wood in the board. Furthermore, all WISA spruce plywood is bonded with WISA BioBond technology which replaces minimum of 50% of the fossil-based phenol in the plywood’s glue with bio-based lignin, the tree’s own natural adhesive.


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Benefits of WISA-Spruce plywood’s strength and light weight

Benefits of the strength:

  • The plywood can be used in load-bearing structures.
  • Fixtures can be easily attached to the panel itself, no need to figure out where the wall beams are.
  • WISA plywood complies with the Eurocode 5 standard for structural timber design.
  • Adheres to various relevant national requirements for, e.g., the rigidity of floors, snow loads on roofs or requirements for wall structures.

Benefits of the light weight:

  • The panels are easy to carry and handle on site which brings benefits for both industrial construction projects and DIY use.
  • A lighter structure puts less strain on foundations in construction.
  • Buildings can be expanded upwards easily.
  • Transport costs are lower, a trailer can fit more panels and fuel consumption is reduced.


WISA-Spruce plywood for load bearing structures in construction

WISA-Spruce plywood is the go-to choice for load-bearing structures in construction. It is lightweight and strong, and thanks to the wide range of panel sizes, quick and easy to install. 

Due to its strength and rigidity, a thinner sheet is often sufficient for the construction of structures than with other materials. This means less strain on the foundation of the building. While predominantly used in hidden structures, WISA-Spruce can also be left visible in applications where a livelier plywood surface appearance is welcome. It is technically well-suited for interior projects.

The light weight of building boards is important when they are moved, handled, and installed on site. It is not just about the physical strain on a single person but also about the overall manpower needed for each task on site. For spruce plywood, the weight is up to almost half that of particleboard and OSB, for example. The lightness of WISA-Spruce plywood also has an impact on the overall transport cost and carbon footprint of the build.

All WISA plywood products intended for use in construction have the CE2+ marking, meaning that they will perform exactly as specified.

Plywood for industrial construction 


WISA-Spruce plywood for DIY use

In a home construction project you are sure to appreciate WISA-Spruce plywood’s reliability, durability and light weight. The light weight and functionality of building boards is important when they are moved, handled and installed on site. The wide range of panel sizes guarantee quick and easy to installation.

The closed wood structure of spruce makes it biologically durable: it can withstand changeable weather conditions on your home building site.

WISA-Spruce can also be left visible in applications where a livelier plywood surface appearance is welcome and is technically well-suited for interior projects.


Plywood for home projects


WISA-Spruce plywood for packaging

Its light weight, rigidity and physical and biological durability make WISA-Spruce plywood well-suited for packaging solutions. The closed wood structure of spruce makes it biologically durable. This means that it withstands various weather conditions often encountered in packaging applications.

The specialised WISA-Spruce plywoods can offer a better grip for demanding packaging applications such as loading platforms or, for example, or fire-retardancy where stringent fire regulations need to be met.

Specialised WISA-Spruce plywood

WISA-Spruce plywood offers various products tailored to specific needs while retaining all the good features of the base panel. Tongued and grooved panels are, for example, suitable for floors, rough-surfaced panels with non-slip properties are designed for roofs, while fire-retardant panels meet stringent fire regulations. Other options include water-repellent panels, biocide-treated panels and ready-to-paint plywood.

Specialised WISA-Spruce plywood panels are treated to fit every builder’s need

Application Product Description
Floors WISA-Spruce TG4 / WISA-Spruce TG2 / WISA-Sprucefloor (UK)  Engineered half-sized panels designed to fit flooring structures. Tongued and grooved on all four sizes for strong and durable subflooring. Needs a final surface, e.g., parquet, vinyl or laminate.  
Roofs  WISA-Roof Developed for roofing. Biocide-treated with rough, non-slippery surface and tongue and groove on the long sides. Due to panel sizes and machining, the roof is quickly assembled and ready for the main roof material. Bright yellow tone on both surfaces.  
For structures that need fire classification  WISA-SpruceFR  Fire-retardant plywood. The best fire classification a wood product can have. Prolongs the ignition time and reduces the formation of smoke. The treatment extends the rescue time in case of fire. A light-yellow tone on both sides, and the product name is laser-printed on the backside.  
For extra efficiency on site  WISA-SpruceWR  Water-repellent plywood. Slows water absorption into the plywood and still lets it breathe and dry. Saves time on site when you don’t have to worry about covering the plywood for every raindrop.  
For structures requiring high durability   WISA-SpruceBT  Biocide-treated plywood. It protects the plywood from wood-decaying fungi and colouring during construction. A bright yellow tone on both surfaces. 
Visual applications  WISA-Spruce Special  No open defects on the surface. Suitable for applications where the face is left visible, like in shop fitting or DIY, or if the surface will be coated or painted, for instance. 
Various formwork applications  WISA-Form MDO  Ideal for formwork applications where a matt concrete finish is desired. The light spruce panel is easy to handle at the site and cost-efficient to transport. 

Explore WISA spruce plywood surface grades

Spruce plywood panels are mostly used in structures hidden from the eye, meaning that appearance becomes secondary. WISA-Spruce can also be left visible, typically in applications with no special appearance requirements, like garages or storage rooms. It also works when going for a slightly livelier, more industrial plywood look.


Grade G

Premium looks with no defects

UPM's premium WISA-Spruce grade (improved standard Grade II). Solid surface with no open defects. 


Grade II

Strength and looks

The finest spruce standard grade according to EN 635-3. Repaired with filler and plugs. Unrepaired knots with a diameter of up to 5 mm are permitted.


Grade III

Full technical strength

A grade which may have open splits and knot holes according to EN635-3. Grade III offers the full technical strength of spruce plywood and it is recommended for use in applications where surface appearance is not of primary importance. Grade specification according to EN 635-5.



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