Treating WISA® plywood


How to paint and handle WISA plywood

Treating WISA plywood is easy and effortless.

The surface of plywood can be treated in the same way as any other wood material. It can also be worked using woodworking tools. Just like when handling other wood material, remember to use the necessary protective gear when handling plywood.


Smooth foundations

When painting plywood, make sure the foundations are done well, and you will achieve a better final result in one go. Sand down any splinters in the plywood and clean away the dust.

If you will be painting a plywood wall and want an even result, cover the screws and any other uneven spots with putty. When the putty has dried, sand it down to make it even and clean away the dust.


Prime and paint

Paint the plywood with a primer first, and let it dry. The drying time depends on the temperature and humidity conditions, as well as the paint being used. 

When the primer is dry, paint the wall with two coats of your desired shade. Always choose the paint type according to the intended use and confirm its suitability with the paint manufacturer. 


Choose the right tools 

The plywood is also very easy to handle and work. The same principles apply as with any other wood material, you just need the right tools. Remember to use the proper protective gear, such as eye protection and work gloves, when working the plywood.