What is beauty to you? Apart from the obvious aspect of visual beauty and aesthetics, there is beauty of a different kind all around us. Sometimes beauty can be found in activities and people. Other times it means peace and introspection. It can be found in the smallest of details or in planning great things for the future.

In a very similar way, the beauty of WISA adapts to your needs. It can be found at every stage of your building project, from gathering information, discovering the right solutions and working with your team, to the actual building process and finally – experiencing the results of your hard work in the ready product.
Come with us on a journey to discover beauty with WISA Plywood. We present five aspects through which the beauty of WISA plywood comes to the fore.There are sure to be many more! After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Discover the beauty of WISA® Plywood…


...in performance you can trust

Trust is certainly one of the most beautiful things there are. But also hard-earned, easily lost and difficult to regain. We invest in continuous development and quality so that you can invest your time and energy in what matters most to you.

Reliable and versatile WISA plywood is truly a thing of beauty. It combines the natural, impressive qualities of wood with ambitious engineering, user-friendly product design and world-class sustainability. Trusted performance, no covering with extra materials, functionalities that fit: WISA plywood products deliver what they promise in all their many end-uses.

For detailed technical properties of WISA plywood check our Declarations of Performance.



"It requires less effort to work with plywood because you have a reasonably stable material that doesn't expand and contract too much. It's quick to work with and very durable."

Jesper Kjærgaard,
founder of Jesper Makes YouTube channel

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"It's just great material, soft and exquisite, not too heavy but with great strength. It is well suited for temporary projects but has at the same time impressive durability."

Bo Benzon, architect

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...in transparent sustainability

Choosing WISA plywood means experiencing the beauty of knowing you are choosing a responsible product and being able to show it. Plywood is a recyclable material that ticks all the sustainability boxes, both for permanent structures in construction and for temporary uses such as shuttering. It is made to last but is also both reusable and recyclable.

The beauty of transparent sustainability is based on industry-leading sustainability expertise and environmental performance documentation that covers the entire life cycle of our products, making CO2 calculations and meeting sustainability targets that much easier.

Check out the detailed Environmental Declarations of Performance we provide for our customers.



"Consideration for the environment is extremely important. We only purchase from suppliers who have an approved environmental assessment for their products."

Örjan Persson, site manager
SEHED Bygg Gävleborg

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"When we create set designs, for example, that are only used for a short time, we reuse a lot of plywood, because the material has a built-in suitability to be recycled."

Bo Benzon, architect

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...in endless design opportunities

A beauty in appearance and a beast in performance: the vibrant and harmonious surface of birch plywood brings a unique Scandinavian aesthetic to any project. Or perhaps spruce plywood’s rustic appearance is just the right kind of beautiful for your project? 

Whichever you choose, wood creates warmth and elegance wherever it is used, its beauty changing as the light of the seasons plays on its surface.

Because plywood is easy to shape and has a wide range of surface treatments, it can keep up with your creativity, allowing for playfulness and surprises. The material’s precise dimensions and stable quality make it perfect for the most imaginative furniture designs and intricate interior finishes, without compromising on performance.

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Spruce and birch plywood


"The aesthetics of plywood and the possibilities to play endlessly with the cross-sectional pattern fascinated me. Plywood became a passion that only brings me pleasure and joy"

Rob Robson, carpenter, founder of Europe’s largest plywood-themed social media group świat sklejki  

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"WISA plywood is pleasant to work with: light, strong and forgiving at the same time. It is dimensionally stable and cuts easily. There is security and specificity in supply – even the tiniest difference could make a huge difference. You have to know it’s going to be consistent."

Bruce Bell, founder of Facit Homes

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...in user-driven product development

The beauty of experiencing flow – when everything fits together seamlessly, and one smooth stage follows another. WISA plywood products have been developed with our customer at the centre resulting in products and service that makes planning a build, the actual build and the upkeep of the ready construction flow easily.

When building a roof you can trust our products to be ready to handle the weather, fit easily, be light to lift and have a steady surface to step on. The accurate documentation we provide makes sure everything goes as planned.

Of course, we are nowhere near finished – we look forward to further beautiful collaborative product development with our customers!

Learn more about our specialized WISA-Spruce plywood products!

Tailored to your needs


"Thanks to minimal moisture movement, a roof made with tongued and grooved WISA plywood will be flat and straight and stay that way."

Frank Leijendeckers,
Sales manager, UPM Plywoodl

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"We understand how our customers use our products, and we want to make sure that they succeed every time. Our spruce products are good-looking, have uniform technical properties and are cross-sanded to minimise splitting of the wood fibres."

Riku Härkönen,
Manager,UPM Plywood

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...in getting cosy with mother nature

The beauty of being surrounded by nature is something we can all relate to. The cosy, warm feeling of belonging to something bigger and being at peace.  

Building with plywood can bring some of nature’s benefits indoors: it improves the air-quality, sound atmosphere and creates a visually calm environment with just the right amount of stimuli for the eyes.

As plywood is suitable for structural purposes, interior design and furniture it offers many opportunities for adding a touch of cosy hygge to your project.  

How to use plywood


"Nature must be respected. Instead of making something cheap and short-lasting, you should create safe and sustainable products. Plywood as a material lasts for years when it is made properly."

Rob Robson,
 carpenter, founder of Europe’s largest
plywood-themed social media group świat sklejki

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"The smell of a plywood build is something I love - like a pine forest. Especially when there are 2000 sheets of UPM WISA-Spruce on the site. It smells natural."

Bruce Bell,
founder of Facit Homes

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