WISA-Form MDO is the board of choice

26.5.2017 0:00 EEST


If the plan is to have a matt concrete surface, and you want to do it cost-efficiently, you choose WISA-Form MDO for casting. The panel gives a plain, even concrete surface with no sign of grain marks showing through. UPM customers who have got what they wanted with WISA-Form MDO, do not want to risk the outcome with any other panels.

WISA-Form MDO is a WISA-Spruce panel with an MDO coating. MDO (medium density overlay) is a phenolic paper overlay – especially designed for softwood and thick enough to hide all the grain marks from wood. The result is a consistent, smooth matt concrete finish.

Because the core of this panel is the familiar WISA-Spruce plywood, it is economical to use and easy to handle on site. UPM’s own quality control guarantees the consistent good quality which, in turn, ensures that the end user gets a product that performs the way they expect. WISA-Form MDO is made of sustainably grown and harvested Nordic spruce.