UPM Pellos invites children to road safety day

Other news 5.10.2021 12:00 EEST

UPM's Pellos plywood mills and the Finnish Road Safety Council Liikenneturva organized a road safety day for local schoolchildren in Ristiina, Finland on National Reflector Day on October 1. The event illustrated the importance of using a personal safety reflector in traffic for preschoolers and 1-3 graders.

How well can you see a pedestrian from the cabin of a big truck? And from how far can you see a reflector in the dark? These topical questions, among others, were answered at the children's road safety event at the Pellos mill. 1-3 graders could also choose to test the visibility from the truck cabin.

“We wanted to organize an event for schoolchildren to illustrate the importance of visibility in traffic. The reflector is an absolute safety device for both children and adults. We also have reflective safety equipment in use here at the mill. Commuting to work and school must be safe for everyone,” says Lauri Pöntinen, Safety Manager at UPM Pellos.

When it comes to occupational safety, there is often talk at the Pellos mills about safe movement and commuting as part of it. Adults play an important role in traffic education as children learn traffic behavior from nearby adults.

“The parent is responsible for the safe movement of the child. Safe traffic involves following traffic rules and using safety equipment – whether it’s a cycling helmet, a reflector or a seat belt in a car. Adults are not always aware of their behavior, but they set an example for children,” confirms Eini Karvonen, Liaison Manager for the Finnish Road Safety Council Liikenneturva.


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