How to read a WISA-pallet label

31.5.2017 0:00 EEST

UPM's plywood panels are tightly packed in pallets which should stay intact to the final destination where the pallet should only be opened. During transportation and in warehouses the pallets need to be recognized and all the necessary information about the content must be easily available. Pallet label is the key to the pallet contents.

The label is usually a part of the stamp cardboard or paper underneath straps or foil. In standard spruce plywood pallets it may also be printed directly on the side of the pallet.

Plywood pallet label in detail


Pallet label for WISA-Spruce product, surface grade III, manufactured at Pellos mill in Finland.

  1. Product name. When the pallet contains uncoated spruce or birch plywood also the sufrace grade is mentioned, e.g.
  2. WISA-Spruce III or WISA-Birch S/WG.
  3. Product dimensions and amount: Thickness, length and width of the product, total amount of panels in a pallet.
    Product number (for internal use). Together with the batch id (number 11) helps to identify a certain pallet whenever necessary.
  4. Consignee references: Shipping marks, room for customer's own material number and bar code if available. There is also a row for free text if needed.
  5. Additional information, such as country of origin, glue type, machining drawing, coating description etc.
  6. Compliance marks: e.g. CE marking, DoP number (the part that begins with UPM, followed by 3 digit number and ends with CPR), Forest certification logo
  7. QR code for direct access to the DoP search on
  8. Order number
  9. Delivery address
  10. Warning sign: Weight of the pallet
  11. Batch id: Bar code and numbers
  12. Icons for storage instruction and package material recycling