About Plywood


Plywood is a wooden panel composed of thin cross-bonded veneers glued together.

For greater strength properties the veneers are laid crosswise, i.e. the grain directions of two consecutive layers form a 90-degree angle.


WISA Plywood production process


Plywood production process

Plywood panels are composed of at least three veneers. All the veneers in WISA birch plywood are made of birch. Birch plywood is used where special strength and/or a hard and smooth surface is required. All the veneers in WISA spruce plywood are made of spruce. Spruce plywood, which is light weight and cost effective, is widely used for construction.

Coatings, CNC-machining and cutting-to-size convert plywood panels into ready-to-install products. Coatings improve the plywood's resistance to wear, impact, chemicals and weather. Films and laminates imprinted with various patterns improve the panel's frictional properties.


WISA Plywood Production Process


The production process for plywood varies slightly according to the mill and the end use.