WISA veneer and plywood components – perfect partners in parquet


WISA’s reliable long-term business partnership with parquet manufacturing industry is based on continuous efficiency and high-quality performance development, together with optimized and flexible supply.

WISA veneer and plywood products are used in three- and two-layer parquets. Sustainable products in customized dimensions and moisture content are offering optimal solution for efficient high-quality parquet productions.


Three-layer parquets 

Sustainable high-quality components are at the heart of the WISA product offering for the parquet industry.

Spruce veneer peeled from long grown spruce logs gives optimal balance and support for the three-layer parquet construction keeping it flat and easy to install. Birch plywood with tight dimension tolerances is an excellent choice as reinforcement material for the mechanical lock system.

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Two-layer parquets

High-quality, renewable raw materials and sustainable product offering are what WISA plywood for the parquet industry stands for.

Birch plywood is a durable and strong material to be used as a base for two-layer parquets. Spruce plywood is a good alternative and offers lightness for construction. Even surface and tight dimension tolerances of plywood offer a good gluing base for the top hardwood.

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