Building a wall with WISA® plywood


Reliable choice for load-bearing wall structures 

WISA-Spruce and the fire retardand WISA-SpruceFR are well suited as materials for load-bearing structures and for structural purposes. Square-edged panels are typically used in wall structures.

The thickness of the board depends on the intended use and local building regulations. The thickness of spruce plywood used as wall material, is most often between 9 to 18 mm.  Always check the local building regulations for the right thickness. 


Choose from two WISA-Spruce options

These two plywood products differ from each other in that WISA-SpruceFR is a fire-retardant plywood panel, with the highest fire classification a wood-based material can get regardless of installation method. It is a functional choice as the wall material of, for example, a garage or storage space.

The fire classification, as well as a product name, can be found on the marking on the backside of the panel. 


Ideal for wall structures

Begin building the wall from a corner and proceed forward one panel at a time.


Attach with suitable screws

Fix the panel to the wall by screwing it onto the wall's frame. Use countersunk screws. Fix the panel using more screws around the edges and fewer in the centre. 

Leave an expansion gap of about 1 mm between the panels. The dimensions of the panels may change slightly with the humidy. 


A structure that withstands heavy loads

WISA spruce plywood is rigid and takes weight well. You can fix heavy shelves or hooks to a plywood wall, without having to screw into the support beams behind the panel.

WISA-SpruceFR’s fire retardant treatment strengthens the fire protection of the panel, but does not impact the panel's strenght.