UPM Kalso Veneer Mill


UPM Kalso Veneer Mill
Siikakoskentie 88
FI-47900 Vuohijärvi

Phone numbers

Tel. +358 2041 5117
Fax. +358 2041 5116



Vuohijärvi, Finland, approx. 135 km from Helsinki.



Production capacity

80,000 m3


Rotary cut spruce veneers, used mainly as reverse side veneers for the parquet industry.


1806 Water-driven sawmill is founded at Siikakoski 

1918 Leather factory is built, production never started

1934 Foundation of Plywood Mill by Kalso Oy/Oy Grahn Ltd

1974 First experiments with reverse side veneers

1979 Veneer deliveries starts

1986 Kalso-Teollisuus Oy acquires the mill

1993 Part of Kymmene Group

1996 Part of UPM-Kymmene Group

2000 Increasing drying capacity of veneers

2004 UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy is established 

2008 Automation of veneer handling

2014 UPM becames the owner of the power plant located at the site.