WISA plywood conveniently from your nearest service stock

Product news 21.6.2021 0:00 EEST

WISA plywood products are easily available from UPM Plywood’s service stocks


WISA plywood products are easily and quickly available to customers at any time from UPM Plywood’s service stocks.


Do you need a range of WISA plywood products on short notice? This is one of the situations where our service stocks can help. UPM Plywood has service stocks in key markets around the world to ensure efficient and timely delivery of our products to our distributors.

“The service stocks bring multiple benefits by increasing the security of supply to a high level. They help distributors to make WISA plywood products available to builders and other end-use customers at any time. This brings flexibility to our customers, end-users, and us too,“ says Juha Vallittu, Logistics Manager at UPM Plywood.

In Europe, UPM Plywood has several service stocks for different markets. For example, the service stock in Tilbury serves customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The service stock in Rostock is the largest and serves the German-speaking markets. The one in Kouvola, Finland provides WISA plywood for the Nordic countries, and several other European markets have their dedicated services stocks too.

Cost-effective and sustainable

Each of the service stocks offers a wide selection of WISA plywood products. For instance, Rostock has more than 90 different WISA products available at any time. The service stocks are optimally tailored to demand.

“We always plan the product selection and inventory levels well ahead to ensure we can provide what customers need whenever they need it. You can order a combination of different products to replenish your stock and we can deliver them very quickly when needed,” Vallittu explains.

The service stocks also help us optimise our own production and logistics. If demand for WISA plywood rises sharply, we have a time buffer of several months to re-plan our production. Transportation is more sustainable too.

“Using services stocks as staging posts between our factories and the customers also helps us reduce CO2 emissions arising from transport,” Vallittu adds.


Text: Janne Suokas