UPM Forest Life - Welcome to your virtual forest

Story 3.10.2019 0:00 EEST

boy in a forest.jpg

Step into the magical forest and meet the species living in forests, see forestry professionals in their daily work and learn about different forest habitats and recreational forms of forest use. During your virtual forest trip in Finnish forests you can choose your own path, look around and listen to the sounds of the forest. Experience all of this with your own senses at UPM Forest life website!

Forests are a versatile resource providing many benefits. For us at UPM, the forest is about multiple values and many priorities. We want to take care of our forests and find the right solutions for their co-existence. That enables forests to provide renewable wood substituting fossil sources, to bind carbon mitigating climate change and to circulate and purify water. Responsibly managed forests are full of life, providing various opportunities for recreation and generating wellbeing.

 Come with us on a virtual trip to a Finnish forest!