WISA® BioBond – a new generation bonding solution

Product news 2.10.2017 0:00 EEST


New ideas, new technology, new recipe for a more sustainable future. Let us introduce WISA® BioBond, a game-changer bio-innovation replacing fossil-based phenol with bio-based lignin in plywood manufacturing. 

This bio-innovation is a perfect example of UPM’s Biofore thinking in action: It is a sustainable alternative that replaces fossil-based phenol with bio-based lignin in the adhesive used in the production of plywood. It also showcases the innovative use of industrial side streams in a circular economy. The lignin is obtained as a by-product generated during the kraft pulping process.

WISA BioBond has been rigorously tested and it is now ready to be used in the production of the market leading WISA plywood products. Soon the key ingredients for WISA plywood products – wood and glue – originate in the same place: responsibly managed forests. It is the best thing to happen to plywood since it was invented.

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