Zero Solid Waste project continues – No more solid waste to landfills from UPM Plywood and UPM Timber in Finland

17.7.2017 0:00 EEST


UPM Plywood and UPM Timber in Finland are the first businesses to have reached the tight recycling target set by the Zero Solid Waste project. The company aims to send zero waste to landfill operations globally by 2030.

The amount of solid waste is decreasing and waste is utilized more and more efficiently at all of UPM’s mills. UPM Plywood’s production process does not generate process waste or difficult waste components. Reaching the target of the Zero Solid Waste to landfill project was a result of consistent efforts.

“What we needed was an attitude change: this is how things will be done from now on. Landfill waste containers have disappeared from our sites, and only a few of them have industrial waste containers,” says Sanna Kontinen, Manager, Environmental Affairs.

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