WISA plywood is ultra-low on formaldehyde

2.10.2016 15:37 EEST

When using WISA plywood, our customers can be assured that the products comply with the EU requirements set on formaldehyde. Our products’ formaldehyde emission levels are marked ultra-low. In building materials that means healthy living.

Formaldehyde occurs naturally in many places. In fact, in all places where something grows. Because of its unique functionality it is also used in many industrial adhesives, including the glues used to make plywood.

In permanent construction structures, high formaldehyde emissions can irritate and cause allergies or other symptoms. Due to undesired effects, formaldehyde has been set with strict limits to guarantee safe use. In the EU, formaldehyde ratings of E1 and E2 are allowed, with the stricter E1 rating enforced in some parts of the Union. All WISA plywood products are rated E1, and are well below the permissible level.

Fulfilling the CARB Phase 2 with ULEF

All WISA plywood products used for permanent construction purposes, such as buildings and furniture used indoors, fulfil the requirements stated in an even stricter CARB-standard (Californian Air Resource Board). This includes all plywood products that might affect the air quality in living environments.

Voluntary compliance to the CARB standard has been acknowledged at all our mills that produce uncoated plywood for construction: Jyväskylä and Pellos in Finland, Otepää in Estonia and Chudovo in Russia.

See the full list of NAF (no-added formaldehyde) and ULEF (ultra-low-emitting formaldehyde) manufactures approved by CARB.