Plywood is versatile - how to choose the right product


Plywood is not just plywood! If you are looking for plywood for your building project, you might have noticed that this natural material comes in different wood species, grades and thicknesses, and with various surface treatments. 

If you are not sure what plywood to choose, and what types of WISA plywood products there are, take a moment and learn more about the topic with the following article How to choose the right plywood product. 

This page gives you a small overview of the structural WISA spruce plywood used in the building and construction end use, and how to identify the products. 


A responsible choice for all your
building projects

WISA spruce plywood is suitable as a building material for many different uses, and stands out as a sustainable choice.

WISA-Spruce plywood is a good basic plywood for nearly every kind of construction, especially for structural uses. There are also different options for the product, such as coated, treated and machined panels purpose-made especially for different applications. 

When looking for plywood for construction, it is important to make sure that it has a CE2+ rating as proof of its strength. All WISA plywood products intended for use in construction have the CE2+ marking, meaning they will perform exactly as specified.  


Know your plywood’s markings

In all WISA tongued and grooved plywood, the CE marking can be found on the backside of the panel. On the square-edged panel the CE marking in printed on the edge of the panel. For coated plywood, the marking is on the packaging. 

The CE marking also provides the Declaration of Performance (DoP) number. The DoP, or DoC (Declaraton of Conformity) in the UK, lists the product's performance and its detailled technical properties. All WISA plywood's DoPs and DoCs can be found in their entirety on the website. 


Choose the best option for each application

WISA spruce plywood is a sustainable choice for load-bearing structures in house building, such as floors, walls and roofs. It is also well-suited for making furniture and perfect for all kinds of DIY.  

Always choose the product that suits best for the application: WISA spruce plywood comes in numerous thicknesses and many different surface treatments. In addition, the products have both square-edged and tongue & grooved (T&G) versions. T&G panels are typically used for floors and roofs, whereas the square-edged panels are mostly used for wall applications.


Enjoy uniquely beautiful surfaces

Remember that plywood is a wood material and because of this, each plywood panel is unique. The wood's grain, branch patterns, shades and colourings can vary. 

Take a closer look at the surfaces of uncoated WISA spruce plywoods


Quick guide to choosing the right WISA product

Some products and product names may vary by market. Check your local distributor for the right WISA product and availability.


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