Where to find UKCA mark DoC documents for WISA plywood?

The Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for WISA plywood states the product’s exact technical properties. Up to date DoC documents are always available on UPM’s WISA Plywood website.

The correct UKCA mark DoC document for WISA plywood can be conveniently found on UPM’s WISA Plywood website using the DoC Reference List. The documents are available in PDF format. The easiest way to find the DoC document is with the DoC number that all UKCA marked WISA plywood products carry.

1. Here's how to find the DoC number:
The DoC number can be found either on the pallet or in the delivery documents, such as the invoice. The DoC number starts with the letters "UPM" followed by a three digit number and letters "CPR" (e.g., UPM001CPR).

2. Here's how to find a DoC document: 
Go to the DoC Reference List on our website. On the page, you will find the products listed by product type. Please note that the product might have several DoC numbers depending on the panel thickness, use, structure or finish.

3. The most frequently searched DoC documents  are also available on the front page of the WISA Plywood UK website. The list can be found at the bottom of the Good to Know> Specifying WISA plywood section: 

Most common DoCs in the UK:
UPM001CPR (for WISA-Spruce Special, WISA-Form MDO and WISA-Spruce/thick veneer construction) (pdf)
UPM002CPR (for WISA-Spruce/thin veneer construction (pdf)
UPM006CPR (for WISA-Sprucefloor) (pdf)
UPM007CPR (for WISA-Birch) (pdf)
UPM012CPR (for WISA-Twin) (pdf)

Please note: if you are looking for CE mark DoP documents, go to DoP search on the CE mark DoP documents page