About veneer


Veneer is a thin slice of wood made by rotary cutting or slicing of the log. The appearance of veneer varies and it depends on how the log is cut.

Spruce veneer produced by UPM is mainly used in the parquet industry.


Veneer production process

The production process for veneer varies slightly according to the mill and the end use.



Rotary-cut spruce veneer is used as the base of three-layer parquet. Thin but strong veneer balances the multilayer parquet construction and keeps it straight.

The standard thickness of WISA-Parquet Veneer is 2.0 mm. Thicker veneers are available by request. The moisture content will be according to a customer's specification, with standard tolerance +/- 2 % or moisture controlled tolerance +/-1 %.

WISA veneers go through constant quality assurance processes at all stages of the production. Dimensions, moisture and quality are measured several times to ensure the right grade.